While its details are not known, BMW Motorrad has been developing a new 1,800 cc boxer twin, possibly as an adjunct to its 1,250 cc ‘R’-series engine. To showcase a prototype of the new boxer mill, BMW Motorrad unveiled the R18 /2 Concept as a rolling display of what the new engine and next model BMW, might look like.

The boys from Munich previously showcased concept builds from Revival Cycles in the US and Custom Works Zon from Japan while the third, the R18 Concept, was built by BMW Motorrad themselves and revealed last May. Now, the R18 /2 Concept takes things a little further with a bobber style machine powered by the new boxer engine.

The R18 was a rather more elegant in design with the classic look of motorcycles of the 50s but the R18 /2 combines that with a prestige cruiser ethos. The single seat remains but with a small front fairing and bobbed fender at the back with Candy Apple Red Metallic bodywork, changing colour tones depending on lighting angle.

A 19-inch wheel is used in front and a 16-inch hoop at the back in the traditional bobber style, giving the R18 /2 a classic dragster look. Equipment fit out includes Brembo brakes and a stainless steel exhaust system made especially for the R18 /3 by Hattech.

According to BMW Motorrad, the R18 /2 demonstrates the flexibility of the engine and suspension as a primary platform for custom projects and how it lends itself to various design languages. From information received earlier, the actual R18 will only be revealed to the world in 2020.