Everywhere around the world, governments are practicing drastic social distancing measures in an attempt to flatten the curve of new coronavirus disease cases, including here in Malaysia. The enforcement of lockdowns and restricted movement means that many people suddenly have an abundance of free time on their hands, and while some are turning to home cooking, others are engaging their artistic side.

To help get car enthusiasts of all ages through this difficult time, a number of carmakers are starting to offer colouring images to get their creative juices flowing. One such company is Mercedes-Benz, which has released pictures of several vehicles spanning much of its illustrious history.

These range from modern AMG machinery like the new facelifted E 53 and a drifting A 45, through concept cars like the Vision AVTR, to classics like the 300 SLR (next to an SLR McLaren, no less), 500 E and 600. There’s also an EQC being pawed by a pair of adorable polar bear cubs.

Race cars have also been includes, with new ones like Formula E’s EQ Silver Arrow 01, F1 W11 EQ Performance and AMG GT3 mixing in with the iconic Sauber C9. Stuttgart also included actual designer sketches of the Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept and W177 A-Class, and has even thrown in a paper model of an AMG GT – you know, just in case you still had some time left over.

Audi’s American arm also joined in the fun, reintroducing its colouring book as a free digital download. This one is a little heavy on the R8 side, which is understandable given the mid-engined sports car remains the zenith of Ingolstadt’s range. However, there are some other cool cars in there too, including the original Quattro rally car and an Auto Union Type C, alongside the company’s famed five-cylinder engine.

So give these a try, whether with your kids or just by yourself. Do you think that other carmakers should provide colouring books? Sound off in the comments after the jump. As usual, we hope you readers stay safe and please, stay home.

GALLERY: Mercedes-Benz colouring images

GALLERY: Audi Collection colouring book