Following the announcement of roadblocks and road closures in Subang, the Gombak district police has released a list of roadblocks and road closures across the police district. This is of course for the phase two of the movement control order (MCO) that started yesterday and will go on until April 14, if it’s not extended.

In a statement released yesterday, Gombak district police chief ACP Arifai Bin Tarawe said that in the MCO phase two, the police will be proactive in tightening the movement of the public on the roads. He also advised the public to follow the MCO fully and be patient.

The Gombak district police has set up five roadblocks and will gradually close nine roads, and this will be enforced 24 hours, round the clock.

The five roadblock locations are: KM14 Jalan KL-Ipoh from Rawang to KL, KM14 Jalan KL-Ipoh from KL to Rawang, before the Rawang toll plaza from Rawang to Sungai Buloh, before the Gombak toll plaza from Gombak to Bentong, and Jalan Desa Aman Puri in Desa Jaya.

The nine roads and thoroughfares that will be closed in stages are: Batu 20, Jalan KL-Rawang near May Plastics (alternative route: Rawang bypass – Templer Park); the way to Kundang and Bandar Tasik Puteri from Bandar Country Homes in Rawang (alternative route: Latar highway); turn off to Latar from Jalan Rawang-KL (alternative route: Jalan Ipoh-KL, U-turn at the road block at KM14); Latar U-turn from Jalan Rawang-KL (alternative route: Jalan Ipoh-KL, U-turn at the road block at KM14); and U-turn after Shell Templer on Jalan Rawang-KL (alternative route: Jalan Ipoh-KL, U-turn at the road block at KM14).

Closer to KL, the closures are at the road to Land Office at Jalan Rawang-KL (alternative route: Jalan Ipoh-KL, traffic lights at KM14 – Jalan Selayang Segar); the main road out from Selayang Utama (alternative route: Jalan Selayang Utama – Jalan Selayang Jaya – Selayang Kepong bypass); turn off to Kg Selayang Pandan from Jalan KL-Ipoh (alternative route: KM14 Jalan KL-Ipoh – Selayang Jaya); and the Selayang Baru main road before Petron on Jalan KL-Ipoh (alternative route: Jalan 2 Selayang Baru – Petron – Pasar Borong – Jalan KL-Ipoh). Check out the images below for a clearer picture.

If you’re familiar with the roads in this northern part of the Klang Valley, you can picture how tight this choke hold is (and how long the detours are), so the “old road” from KL to Rawang is best avoided in both directions. No more “free pass” for those wanting to escape the PLUS highway blocks. It’s just best to stay in your hood, keep distances to 10 km and comply with the one person per car rule to avoid trouble, and Covid-19.