The third-generation T32 Nissan X-Trail has been around since 2013 and remains on sale until the present day, receiving a facelift along the way in 2016. It’s been widely speculated that a successor is on the way, and we got our first indication of this when the Japanese carmaker unveiled the Xmotion concept back in 2018.

Nothing materialised in the months following the concept’s debut, but the rumour mill started turning again when it was reported that Nissan would overhaul its entire European SUV line-up within the next 18 months.

More recently, a document filing with the Brazil government’s ministry of economy showed what appeared to be the next X-Trail. The filing came complete with several patent drawings, giving us some hint at the fourth-generation SUV model’s design.

Now, we have renderings of the new X-Trail courtesy of Theophilus Chin, who combined aspects of the patent drawings and the Ariya concept to give us some idea of what the end product could look like.

As a refresher, the Ariya concept was first revealed at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show and is meant to mark the “start of a new era for the company as it seeks to redefine its philosophy and introduce a new design direction,” according to Nissan.

The overall shape of the new X-Trail is largely similar to the patent drawings from Brazil, and bears some semblance to the current T32, albeit with a few differences like a reshaped side window line and more defined creases on the body.

The successor (likely codenamed the T33) also sports a more aggressive C-pillar kink and smaller wheel arches compared to the soon-to-be outgoing model, while the rear features slimmer taillight clusters.

At the front, we see hints of the Ariya concept in the nose, which appears to be longer than what the patent drawings suggest. A sizeable V-motion grille dominates the X-Trail’s face, and this is flanked by sleek headlamps and large corner “inlets” that integrate additional lighting units. This two-tier lighting setup isn’t strange to Nissan, as it has been done on both generations of the Juke, although it is less striking here.

2019 T32 Nissan X-Trail 2.0L Hybrid (Malaysia-spec)

In any case, the new face is a lot simpler in design compared to the facelifted T32, but with a lot more aggression and presence. Finer details include the use of Nissan’s new logo on the grille, which is also applied on the rear tailgate.

The renderings do tie in rather nicely with spyshots of X-Trail prototypes undergoing testing, and it appears the SUV’s interior has been made more upmarket with a bevy of displays and new, modern-looking switchgear.

Nissan has not revealed when the T33 will make its debut, but reports suggest it could be anytime between now and mid-2021. Based on these renderings, do you like the look of the new X-Trail? What would you change on it?

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GALLERY: 2019 T32 Nissan X-Trail 2.0L Hybrid (Malaysia-spec)