Following the government’s announcement to drop the sales tax (SST) for cars through the implementation of a 100% sales tax exemption on locally-assembled (CKD) models and 50% on fully-imported (CBU) models until the end of the year, UMW Toyota has released its revised price list, which is valid from June 15 to December 31.

Savings from the SST exemption are to be found across the company’s entire passenger car range. Only the price of the Innova taxi-spec variant and Hilux range of pick-ups remain unchanged, the latter because the truck is classified as a commercial vehicle and as such, does not gain any SST exemption.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new prices for some models (see price list below for the entire range). Currently priced at RM77,200, the baseline Vios 1.5J variant will go for RM76,101 from June 15, a savings of RM1,312 (or -1.42%). The Vios 1.5G, meanwhile, will have its price revised from RM87,300 to RM86,132, a reduction of RM1,168 (-1.34%).

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As for the Yaris, savings range from RM1,312 for the 1.5J to RM1,413 for the 1.5G, which sees the price dropping from RM83,888 to RM82,475 (-1.68%). Elsewhere, the Corolla gains a 3.8% reduction in pricing for both variants in the line-up – the 1.8E will be cheaper by RM4,916, going from RM128,888 to RM123,972, while the 1.8G will cost RM5,383 less from June 15, its price dropping from RM139,888 to RM134,505.

As is to be expected, the savings get better higher up the range, even for imported models (which only get a 50% reduction in SST). In the case of the Harrier, the 2.0T Premium is set to cost RM8,490 less (or -3.49%), its price being revised from RM243,000 to to RM234,510. The 2.0T Luxury drops from RM266,000 to RM256,396, which is a reduction of RM9,604 (-3.61%).

The most substantial price adjustment is for the Vellfire and Alphard MPVs. The Vellfire price will drop by RM14,419, from RM382,300 to RM367,881, while the Alphard will have its price reduced by RM17,391, from RM464,000 to RM446,609.

While the Hilux pick-up range remains priced as they are currently, as mentioned earlier, the Fortuner benefits from the SST exemption. Despite being based on a pick-up platform, its SUV classification puts it into the passenger car category. As such, all three Fortuner variants will be cheaper from June 15 – the 2.4 4×4 by RM9,322, and the 2.4 VRZ by RM11,169. Meanwhile, the 2.7 SRX gets a RM8,677 reduction.

Even the upcoming 2020 RAV4, which hasn’t been officially launched, is set to have its price revised, so that’s good news for those interested in one. Currently, the order books have been opened for the SUV, and the 2.0L is listed at RM203,880, while the 2.5L is priced at RM223,880. They are set to be revised to RM196,436 and RM215,665 respectively, which is what UMW Toyota had previously indicated.