Proton has something for the frontliners that have been serving our country throughout the Covid-19 pandemic period. The carmaker is giving frontliners or their immediate family members free personal insurance for five years. Not auto insurance or even PA insurance, but a term life insurance.

“Malaysia has made great strides in fighting the battle against Covid-19, thanks to our brave frontliners working tirelessly to safeguard our health,” the company said on social media.

“As a show of gratitude, Proton presents the Proton Cares Programme. Frontliners or their immediate families who purchase any of our Proton models will be entitled to enjoy free personal insurance coverage of up to RM50,000 for five years, covering death, accidental death, and permanent disability,” it said.

Proton’s 2020 SST exemption price list – click to enlarge

This free personal insurance – underwritten by MCIS Insurance – is for five years, with coverage of up to RM50k. As mentioned, it’s not a health insurance plan with a medical card, but rather a term insurance that provides financial compensation should the person insured pass away, or become disabled, anytime during the course of five years. The payout can be used to partially cover the HP loan’s outstanding amount. The payout decreases per year, but so does the amount you owe the bank.

Prior to this, Proton donated face shields to frontline medical practitioners and provided 50 units of the Proton X70 to the health ministry for the transport of medical staff.

Yesterday, the carmaker released its new price list with sales tax exemption factored in. From now till the end of 2020, Proton models are up to RM7,000 or 5.7% cheaper.