Proton is the latest company to reveal its rebates in accordance to the government’s exemption of the sales and service tax (SST), valid until December 31. In stark contrast to the norm, the national carmaker isn’t providing a straightforward tax deduction, as the figures you see here include additional discounts on top.

Naturally, all models are either built or assembled locally, thus qualifying them for the full 10% exemption. The Saga gets rebates of up to RM500 or 1.4%, while the Iriz is cheaper to the tune of up to RM800 or 1.58%. The Persona, on the other hand, gets discounts of up to RM900 or 1.65%.

Next on the list is the Exora MPV, which is up to RM2,500 or 4.18% cheaper (oddly enough, this number is for the cheaper Executive CVT, the Premium CVT instead getting a RM2,000 rebate). But the biggest beneficiary of all this has got to be the X70, which gets a rebate of up to RM7,000 or 5.7%. Collectively, the SUV range now starts from under RM90,000 and tops out at just under RM116,000.

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At this juncture, you may be wondering why the Saga, Iriz and Persona receive comparatively low rebates (all under two percent, whereas even the cheapest Perodua Axia gets a three percent drop). While the company has not specifically given a reason for this, it probably has something to do with the fact that Proton absorbed SST when the tax was reintroduced back in September 2018.

The “tax holiday” prices from June to August 2018 have since been made permanent, and this carries on through to the facelifted models, which were launched last year. The X70 was the only all-new car to be launched after the SST’s reintroduction, possibly explaining the larger drop in price.