2020 SST exemption: New Perodua price list revealed, up to RM4.7k or 6% cheaper until December 31, 2020

Earlier, Perodua announced that prices of its vehicle models are set to drop between 3% and 6% from June 15 until December 31, 2020 as a result of government’s plan to implement a 100% sales tax exemption on locally-assembled (CKD) models and 50% on fully-imported (CBU) models for the period, as announced by the prime minister last week.

We can now reveal the new on-the-road prices for the automaker’s entire line-up for the June 15 to December 31 period, because the entire price list has been sighted by the publication.

The automaker said that the new prices will come into effect from today, ahead of the June 15 implementation date, but there will be no difference in cars registered from today (June 10) until June 14, as they will get the same amount on savings in the form of a cash rebate.

2020 SST exemption: New Perodua price list revealed, up to RM4.7k or 6% cheaper until December 31, 2020

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Savings from the SST exemption begin from RM723 for an Axia 1.0 E manual. The current OTR price for the model is RM24,090, and with SST dropped this will bring the price of the car down to RM23,367, a 3% reduction. For the rest of the Axia range, the savings begin from around the RM1k mark, with the range-topping 1.0 AV gaining the most in price reduction, adjusting from RM43,190 to RM41,427 with SST exempted.

Likewise, the Bezza range, with reductions ranging from RM1,124 (or -3.25%) for the entry-level 1.0 G manual to RM1,624 (also -3.25%) for the 1.3 AV, which sees its price drop from RM49,980 to RM48,356 with SST exemption.

Meanwhile, pricing changes for the Myvi range from RM1,498 for the 1.3 G manual all the way up to RM1,893 (-3.5%) for the 1.5 AV, with the RM54,090 OTR price for the variant adjusting to RM52,197 as a result of the SST exemption.

As for the Alza, reductions range from RM1,546 for the entry-level 1.5 S manual all the way up to RM2,165 for the 1.5 AV, which sees the price dropping from RM62,690 to RM60,525, or a 3.45% reduction.

Finally, the Aruz, and the SUV gets the largest price reduction, which is no surprise given that it is the most expensive model in the automaker’s line-up. The 1.5 X, currently priced at RM72,900 will have its price revised to RM68,526 until December 31, a reduction of RM4,374. As for the 1.5 AV, its RM77,900 price will now be reduced by RM4,674 to RM73,226. Both represent a 6% reduction in the OTR price.

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