In line with the government’s announcement to omit the sales tax (SST) for cars until the end of the year, Audi Malaysia has revealed the revised price list for its local model line-up. The move, which involves a 100% sales tax exemption on locally-assembled (CKD) models and 50% on fully-imported (CBU) models until December 31, 2020, sees all Audi vehicle prices being reduced for the duration.

The A3 Sedan‘s price of RM239,750 has been reduced by RM8,390 (or by 3.5%), and so the car now retails for RM231,360. The A5 Sportback sport 2.0 TFSI quattro, meanwhile, is now priced at RM327,680, a reduction of RM12,220 (3.59%) from its pre-SST exempt price of RM339,900.

The savings continue up the A range of vehicles. The A6 Sedan now goes for RM568,927, which is RM20,973 (or 3.55%) less than before. As for the A7 Sportback, it now dips under the RM600k mark as a result of the tax cut, going for RM588,343, making it cheaper by RM21,557 (3.53%).

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The A8L Sedan gets the largest cut in pricing (although not in percentage terms), its RM879,900 selling price being revised to RM848,834, making it RM31,066 cheaper.

Elsewhere, savings for the Q range of SUVs start from RM7,678 (-3.49%) for the Q2 sport, which sees its RM219,720 price being adjusted to RM212,042 until the end of the year. Next, the Q3 Advanced, which costs RM9,345 (3.46%) less than before. As for the Q5 sport 2.0 TFSI quattro, its RM339,900 OTR price has been revised to RM327,707, a reduction of RM12,193 (or 3.59%).

Finally, the flagship SUV, the Q8 3.0 TFSI quattro, is now priced at RM701,699, making it RM26,201 (or 3.6%) cheaper. There’s no mention of the Q7 in the updated price list, but this should be corrected in due course – the facelift is expected, its arrival likely having been delayed due to the Covid-19 outbreak.