Motorists in Penang who have registered for the Touch ‘n Go (TnG) RFID system will receive a 20% discount on toll charges for private passenger cars when travelling across the Penang Bridge, the New Straits Times reports.

The RFID toll discount – which began yesterday as planned – follows the system already in place for TnG card users, where Penang residents and those working and studying on the island enjoy a 20% discount for travel on the bridge. With the RFID discount, the toll charge will be RM4.59 instead of the regular RM5.74 for private vehicles crossing the bridge into Penang island.

“Soon, all of us will be able to travel between the island and the mainland in a swifter and more efficient manner using the RFID technology, and Penangites will continue to enjoy the 20% discount,” said chief minister Chow Kon Yeow.

“This move by PLUS is hugely welcomed. The RFID technology allows for faster throughput, reducing congestion at toll lanes. Its cashless and contactless transaction reduces human interaction at the lanes and reduces the risk of Covid-19 transmission,” he added.

PLUS MD Datuk Azman Ismail said that RFID offers the convenience of topping up via online channels and allows for faster clearance at a toll plaza. “It is safer, much easier and a more convenient mode of toll payment, which supports the Penang government’s move towards adopting new technology in enhancing the mobility of the people,” he said. He added that those with TnG cards will still enjoy the 20% toll discount.

Penang residents and those working and studying on the island are required to install the RFID sticker before registering with PLUS in order to facilitate the discount. The RFID sticker costs RM35, and is available at selected fitment centres throughout Penang. Self-fitment kits are also available online.