As every motorcyclist knows, lubricating the bike’s chain is an essential chore and necessary evil. BMW Motorrad intends to eliminate all that with the release of the BMW Motorrad M Endurance chain.

Intended for the four-cylinder motorcycles in its range, namely the S1000RR super bike and the S1000XR sports tourer, the M Endurance chain features a coating that does not wear off in use. Named tetrahedrally amorphous carbon (ta-C), this coating stands between the familiar Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating commonly used and pure diamond in terms of hardness and wear resistance.

Applied to the chain rollers, the ta-C coating reduces friction between the rollers and the motorcycle;e’s sprockets. This is due the the dry lubrication properties of ta-C and eliminates wear.

BMW Motorrad claims using the M Endurance chain relieves the rider of the need for regular lubrication and adjustment of the chain, reducing maintenance to the equivalent of a shaft drive motorcycle. Running the M Endurance chain without the need for lubrication also avoids the resultant mess and clean up needed when using chain lubricant.

The M Endurance chain is currently available in 525 pitch, applicable to the S1000RR and S1000XR. The chain is available as an accessory or as a factory fitted option for those two motorcycle models and plans are being made to expand its application to other bikes in the BMW Motorrad catalogue.