After the launch of a range of electric scooters, Ducati, in association with MT Distribution, has released three electric folding bicycles as part of their urban mobility range. These are the Ducati Urban-E, while the SCR-E and SCR-E Sport come under the Scrambler Ducati brand.

A product of the Centro Stile Ducati design department, the Urban-E was a collaboration with famed Italian design house Italdesign. The Urban-E will be available from October while the SCR-E models are on sale now.

Showing an intent towards rugged use, the SCR-E and SCR-E Sport come with 20 x 4-inch wheels with the Sport variant coming with full suspension and alloy wheels while the SCR-E only has telescopic forks. A 0.37 kWh is integrated into the frame and gives up to 70 km of travel on a single charge for the SCR-E while the SCR-E Sport carries a 0.46 kWh battery and goes up to 80 km range.

Rear lights are integrated into the seat and an LCD display shows the necessary information such as battery charge and speed. A feature of the SCR-E is an ambient light sensor that turns on the lights automatically in response to lighting levels.

Coming in black or grey, the Urban-E has a 0.37 kWh battery and is painted red and styled to look like a fuel tank from one of Ducati’s full-sized motorcycles. An LCD display is integrated into the handlebars, displaying battery charge and controlling the integrated LED lights.