More known for its range of hard-core motocrossers, Swedish firm Husqvarna is taking the road to electrification with the release of a design sketch it dubs the E-Pilen. Scheduled for a launch in 2022, details on the E-Pilen – pilen meaning arrow in Swedish – were shown in a shareholder presentation dated August, 2020.

Shown were a range of electric bicycles but of interest to riders were the E-Pilen and E-Scooter. Both look designed for urban mobility and short trips in built up areas, with the E-Scooter coming with a 4 kW (5.5 hp) motor while the E-Pilen has comes with two ratings, 4 kW (5.5 hp) and 10 kW (13.3 hp).

Styled along the lines of the Vitpilen/Svartpilen 401, the E-pilen looks to mounting the motor inside the frame, with belt or chain drive to the rear wheel. Meanwhile, the sketch shows the battery pack to be located above the motor and is likely a swappable modular unit.

As part of parent company KTM, Husqvarna is uniquely poised to bring electric motorcycles into the mainstream, a technology that remains niche for most motorcycle makers, unlike the car world. For its home market of Sweden, where a “green” lifestyle is the Normand electric charging infrastructure is well developed, it is likely the E-Pilen will gain widespread acceptance.