Ahead of its launch in Europe later today, photos of the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 have been leaked, showing a slew of updates and upgrades for this very popular naked sports bike. Most obvious visually for this generation of the MT-09 is the LED projector headlight and under belly exhaust.

From information received, Yamaha has updated to Crossplane triple in the MT-09, we presume for Euro 5, but no word on a displacement increase or power numbers. What is new is the addition of an up-and-down quick shifter, a performance mod very necessary for the quick revving nature of the MT-09’s engine.

Also upgraded is the brake master cylinder, now a radial unit, with twin radial-mount callipers on the front wheel. The forks on the upcoming MT-09 have also seen a major upgrade, coming with adjustability, previously a major omission on the outgoing model.

The instrument panel is a full-colour TFT-LCD display compared to the previous monochrome LCD panel and much larger in size. It is interesting to note the display in the photo shows a ‘D 4’, which we think corresponds to riding modes, along with a traction mode.

Styling remains much the same, following Yamaha’s “Darkness” concept. Launch of the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 takes place later today in Europe and paultan.org will bring you information as and when it becomes available.