Swindon Powertrain has released its new Classic Mini Kit, which was created in response to growing customer demand to electrify classic cars, original Minis in this case.

According to the company, there have been many requests from classic Mini owners for its High Power Density E (HPE E) powertrain (a crate electric motor) since it was launched, so its new kit was design to make it easier for these clients to convert their vehicles to run on electricity rather than fossil fuels.

Priced at 8,850 pounds sterling (RM47,612), the kit weighs just 70 kg and comprises an HPD E system mounted to an original classic Mini front subframe, with the electric motor capable of 107 hp (80 kW) of continuous output, and 161 hp (120 kW) at its peak. The company says no vehicle modifications are needed to install the kit, as it features specifically-designed brackets and inner CV joint housings, which allow the fitment of standard Mini driveshaft assemblies.

The kit comes with a standard differential, but customers can specify an optional limited-slip differential for 598 pounds sterling (RM3,219). Unfortunately, the kit doesn’t include a battery pack or other supplementary components, but you can purchase them as add-ons.

The list of parts includes a 12-kWh battery pack, an inverter, an onboard charger and DC-DC converter kit, a speed sensor kit and a cooling system pump kit. For 168 pounds sterling (RM904), you can even have the subframe painted in a satin black finish.

Deliveries are expected to commence from December later this year, so if you have a classic Mini and would like to electrify it without the headache of looking for the right parts, Swindon Powertrain has got you covered. It would be nice if a Malaysian company offered such products for cars here as well, don’t you think?