Preliminary details of the second-generation Volkswagen Amarok have been revealed following a press briefing held by the carmaker’s Australian division, as reported by CarsGuide. The all-new pick-up truck was first teased in sketch form earlier this year and will be the result of a collaboration between Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Ford, an alliance formed back in 2019.

According to Volkswagen, Ford is the “lead partner” in the project, but despite the next Amarok and Ranger set to share the same platform and place of assembly, the German carmaker insists its pick-up will be unique and not simply be a rebadged model. An example of such an approach already exists in the form of the latest Isuzu D-Max and Mazda BT-50, where both share similar mechanicals but sport different designs.

Despite this, Volkswagen has not confirmed if the 3.0 litre turbodiesel V6 used in the current Amarok will be carried over or be replaced with Ford’s range of turbodiesel engines. “We’re not at that level of detail yet, the Amarok is still very much a work in progress,” said Michael Bartsch, managing director of Volkswagen Group Australia.

“But let me put it this way, we will not make the same mistake Mercedes made with the X-Class and [Nissan] Navara. We made it very clear [to Ford] what the consumer expectation would be. Australia is the largest or second-largest Amarok market in the world. We move forward with full confidence that there will be a Ford product and a Volkswagen product,” he added.

“To avoid misconceptions, we have sent a dedicated design team from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to Australia to understand your environment better. For the last one-and-a-half years, they have been developing with our cooperation partner Ford, this beautiful car,” said Albert-Johann Kirzinger, head of design at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

“We know what our Amarok means to our customers and fans in Australia and that’s why we are working to have a 100% Volkswagen, a true Volkswagen, and not only a rebadged Ford,” he continued.

During the virtual briefing, Kirzinger is shown standing next to a full-size styling model of the new Volkswagen pick-up, albeit hidden under wraps. It isn’t much to go on, but the creases on the cloth suggest that the production version will be very similar to what was shown in the earlier sketch, which featured a bold face, pronounced bulges and squared-off wheel arches.

As for a launch date, the Amarok is said to only arrive in Australia in early 2023, about 18 months after its close sibling, the Ranger goes on sale in the second half of 2021. The Ranger is currently in its third-generation (T6) and has been around since 2011, while the Amarok is even older, first introduced in 2010.