A brazen carjacking attempt in broad daylight was foiled thanks to the instinctive actions of quick-thinking motorists who witnessed the incident. From the dashcam videos posted by Facebook user Kokong Yee above, the incident happened two days ago (April 13) just before 2pm, at the Kuchai Lama area in KL.

At the traffic lights near Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, the carjacker opened the doors of a grey Honda City and entered the car from the back. The shocked female driver exited the car, and the carjacker jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off. What happened next was surprising.

A group of motorists who witnessed the incident instinctively banded together and chased down the jacked Honda. The chase and take down happened at the stretch off road parallel to the MEX highway. The dashcam owner was joined by an Alfa Romeo 146, a Mazda SUV and a Proton Exora, the latter ferrying the traumatised aunty. The cars sacrificed their own safety to box in the Honda, and one of them pulled the carjacker out and pinned him to the ground.

In the last video, the victim admitted that she did not lock her car doors. That’s exactly what we should do, always. Remember to lock your car doors immediately once you enter the car and keep it locked till you need to exit. Make it a habit, because as this incident shows, crooks are desperate and/or brazen and could strike in broad daylight, in a busy area.

Besides carjackers, snatch thieves also roam our streets, and they won’t hesitate to break a window to reach your valuables. So it’s best keep your items such as handbags and laptop bags away from view. The worst place for those things are on the seats; the further away from the window the better. Security window film is also a good investment. Stay safe and protect yourself from crooks. Bravo to the motorists in the video above!