Puspakom no longer allowing manual check-in, only customers with MySejahtera low risk status welcome

Puspakom no longer allowing manual check-in, only customers with MySejahtera low risk status welcome

Puspakom has found that there have been customers who are not using the MySejahtera app at its branches, and writing down false details in the log book. Clearly, this affects contact tracing should there be Covid-19 cases at its premises, and there have been a few such incidents.

The vehicle inspection company has now decided to only admit customers who have the MySejahtera app, and are classified as low risk in the app. This means that there will no longer be manual writing of details in the log book – it’s MySejahtera or no admission.

Puspakom has also announced the reopening of a few branches that were closed for disinfection and sanitisation earlier this month. Puspakom Sungai Petani in Kedah has been open for business since August 9, while Puspakom Johor Bahru and Taman Daya in Johor resumed operations today. From tomorrow (August 12), Puspakom Cheras in WPKL will reopen its doors. Operation hours are from 8am to 5.30pm.

Puspakom no longer allowing manual check-in, only customers with MySejahtera low risk status welcome

By the way, JPJ’s validity extension for documents and transactions will be ending on September 30, and besides your road tax and driving license, Puspakom reports (B2, PG11A, PG13B and B5 for tukar hak milik) and scheduled inspection are also due. As such, next month will be the final month to do your Puspakom business and appointment slots for September are open for booking this week.

“Customers are advised to not leave it to the final moments to perform vehicle inspections, to avoid fully booked appointment slots. Please make your appointments early in August, especially for vehicles that have inspection expiry dates in June and July,” the company said in a reminder statement.

We’re more than a year into the Covid-19 pandemic now and the SOPs when entering a place should already be a habit. Always have your MySejahtera app ready and bring a power bank for your phone, which has become even more important in this new normal.

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  • Bob Mal on Aug 11, 2021 at 6:43 pm

    Well if contact tracing was being done properly we will not have the 20k upwards cases to begin with.

    Also for MySejahtera low risk – who in their right mind would declare themselves a risk especially when these individuals who have just arrived at the doorstep of their destination???

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    • Dr Strange on Aug 12, 2021 at 10:05 am

      From your statement it is obvious you have no clue how contact tracing done nor how MySejahtera works. Typical Msians complaining but without facts. Complain for the sake of complaining.

      Look, contact tracing only works if everyone does their part to scan before entering. Many outlets do have staffers to check but what if some patrons refuses? Are they going to reject a paying customer when businesses are down? Recalcitrant are not doing their part and these has nothing to do with the outlets, or the app, or the G. Idiots are idiots and the fault lies with the us rakyat.

      Now for MySejahtera, you don’t have to declare anything. The app itself has your risk profile and it automatically updates itself depending on your last known locations and people you were in contact with. Again this works optimally if you and those you contact with are following the SOP. If you folks chose to be those idiots, then don’t complain when anyone was found unknowingly positive.

      Establishments & outlets are doing the right thing to demand that only low risked patrons can come, other countries are demanding customers must be fully vaccinated which are even more unreasonable. Rakyat should stop being ignorant, foolish and blame others when trouble happened. It comes down to us to fight this infection. Kita jaga kita.

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    • Brian on Aug 12, 2021 at 5:02 pm

      Dude. MyS app now has each person’s risk profile. Some outlets and shopping malls have been mandating visitors to show this profile since the start of 2021. Not knowing this either you are:
      a) very good and never left your home for past 8 months.
      b) never bothered when asked to show your risk profile.
      c) So ngam in past 8 months never walked into a place that asked to show profile before entering (unlikely as you are required to do so before vaccination).
      c) purely cheating readers here.

      So which is it Bob?

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  • NICE! Manually writing down instead of mysejahtera should be banned. Those who doesn’t have smartphones should be taking out their ic to verify their names

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