Great Wall Motors previewed the Ora Good Cat in February this year, and there is now a launch date – October 29 to be specific, according to Thai publication Headlightmag.

The Ora Good Cat will be Great Wall Motors’ first fully electric vehicles to enter the Thai market, and this will be offered in three variants; Tech and Pro, which will be offered with a battery range of 400 km, and the range-topping Ultra, which boasts of a battery range of 500 km.

This corresponds with the vehicle’s Chinese market specifications, where available battery options are capacities of 47.8 kWh and 59.1 kWh, and offer 401 km and 501 km of range, respectively. According to the automaker, standard AC charging takes eight hours to reach a full charge, while DC fast charging enables replenishing from 30% to 80% state of charge in 30 minutes, it said.

The Ora Good Cat shares the Great Wall Motors Lemon platform that also underpins the Haval H6. In the case of the Good Cat, kerb weight is 1,510 kg, offering 228 litres of luggage capacity with its rear seats in place, or 858 litres with the seats folded.

The initial Thai-market preview of the Ora Good Cat in February revealed that it will be equipped with a partial autonomous driving suite dubbed Ora Pilot Driving, which packs adaptive cruise control, automated throttle control and intelligent curve assist.

These are joined by Wisdom Dodge, a function that steers the vehicle away from large vehicles in adjacent lanes whilst remaining within its own lane. Also part of the car’s assisted driving suite is Ora Pilot Safety, which includes front collision with AEB, blind spot detection, lane departure warning, rear collision warning and rear cross traffic alert.

Added convenience comes with an autonomous, AI-assisted parking function with point-to-point memory parking. With this, the Ora Good Cat learns and remembers routes to parking spaces through satellite navigation and ultrasonic radar, and when the vehicle arrives at a location stored in its memory, the self-parking function helps the car find a space and park itself.

As for Malaysia, the Ora Good Cat had been sighted on our local roads in April, though its timeline for any potential Malaysian market launch as yet to be determined, if indeed it will go on sale here. Meanwhile, the electric crossover is priced in China from 103,900 yuan (RM65,221) to 143,900 yuan (RM90,340).

Given that Great Wall Motors had stated its intention of making Thailand its hub for electric vehicles in the ASEAN region to the tune of RM2.9 billion, this will serve as its right-hand-drive markets export hub for the region.

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