Nissan Almera Sportech-X – Thailand LE of 300 units

Nissan Almera Sportech-X – Thailand LE of 300 units

Nissan Thailand has released a limited edition Almera Sportech-X variant, of which 300 units will be made available. The Sportech-X builds on the regular series range topper – the already sportier VL Sportech with a factory bodykit designed by Autech – adding extra equipment for a 20,000 baht (RM2,520) premium.

That’s a small price to pay when you look at the add-ons. On the outside, the Sportech-X wears 16-inch alloys in a distinct two-tone design (more spokes, an inch up from the rest), chrome exhaust tips with Nissan etching, a Sportech-X sticker on the B-pillars (all pillars and roof are in black) and Sportech-X emblems on the boot and bottom of the rear doors.

Inside, the extra kit includes red ambient lighting, black leather seats with Sportech-X logo and red stitching, floor mats and scuff plates with the same logo, and a welcome light that is the Sportech-X logo in red. There are also sports pedals and a Sportech-X emblem at the base of the gear lever.

Nissan Almera Sportech-X – Thailand LE of 300 units

The Sportech-X is priced at 695,000 baht (RM87,620), which as mentioned is 20,000 baht (RM2,520) costlier than the VL Sportech. Thai Almera prices went up by 6,000 baht (RM756) for each variant earlier this month due to rising costs.

The Almera is powered by a 1.0 litre three-cylinder turbo engine, something that sets it apart from the Thai eco-car competition, which typically uses 1.2L NA engines, including the all-new Yaris Ativ (Vios for us). The HRA0 puts out 100 PS and 152 Nm of torque from 2,400 to 4,000 rpm, and is paired to Nissan’s Xtronic CVT.

It’s the same powertrain combo for us in Malaysia, which means that the Almera is the only B-segment sedan here with a downsized turbo engine. The default in our market is a 1.5L NA, so if you want turbo power for below RM100k, it’s either the Almera or the Perodua Ativa.

GALLERY: Nissan Almera Sportech-X, Thailand

GALLERY: Nissan Almera Sportech, Thailand

GALLERY: Nissan Almera VLT, Malaysia

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  • Still waiting on ETCM to bring in Android Auto to the Almera here that our Thai neighbours already have, then maybe I’ll bite.

    Not sure how I feel about the blacked-out roof here, though. But the current Tomei bodykit that ETCM is offering feels too ah beng.

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    • Hantu Raya on Aug 11, 2022 at 12:51 pm

      You read my mind.

      Hoping android auto will be in next software update. And yes, the current body kit on offer is waaay too rice.

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    • Ryden on May 15, 2023 at 5:21 pm

      Simply buy a carlinkit 4.0 connection kit from Shopee for RM200++, you will get both wireles Android Auto & Apple Carplay, problem solved

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  • Ground europe passenger on Aug 10, 2022 at 2:24 pm

    Inside the engine bay the wiring and tubes so complicated. If there’s 1.5NA option selling under rm75k, maybe will sell better.

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    • Alasan? on Aug 16, 2022 at 9:31 pm

      And you’ll not buy it either. Why are you so concern about the complicated wiring, tubes etc? Foreman?

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  • Got ADAS o not?

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  • Paul tan never do enough study before x their posting

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    • Haiyaa, this is just part 1. Wait for part 2. If all in 1 post, then who gonna read long essay? It’s all about traffice to this website. Heheheh

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