Proton has updated the prices of the X50, Persona and Iriz to include sales and service tax (SST). Following the end of the SST exemption on June 30, 2022, the national carmaker had already revised pricing for its other models – X70, Saga and Exora – but the three models mentioned at the start were left out.

Starting with the X50, the base Standard now retails at RM86,300 with SST, which is an increase of RM7,100 or 8.96% from the previous price of RM79,200. Next up, the Executive is up RM8,500 or 10.02% to now sell for RM93,300 from RM84,800 previously.

Crossing the RM100k mark is the Premium, which is now priced at RM101,800, up RM8,600 or 9.23% over the launch price of RM93,200. At the top of the range, the Flagship now sells for RM113,300, up RM10k or 9.68% from the original price tag of RM103,300.

Moving on to the Persona, the entry-level variant of the sedan, the Standard, now sells for RM47,800, which is RM2,600 or 5.75% higher than before. Meanwhile, the Executive is up by RM3,200 or 6.39% at RM53,300, and the top-spec Premium is up RM3,400 or 6.19% to hit RM58,300.

Finally, the Iriz range now starts at RM42,800 for the Standard, which is RM2,500 or 6.2% more than the SST-less price of RM40,300. Going up the range, the Executive crosses the RM50k mark to sell at RM50,300, while the SUV-style Active is at RM57,300 – both are up by RM3,200 and RM3,300 respectively.

The X50, Persona and Iriz were all launched within the tax holiday window, so they never had SST-inclusive prices before. As is the case with all car companies, the end of the SST exemption is not something that they can control, and car prices have gone up as a result. You can check out the SST-inclusive prices of cars from other brands, here.