2022 SST prices

  • Proton X50 SST prices up to RM10k more – RM86,300-RM113,300; Iriz and Persona up by as much as RM3.4k

    Proton has updated the prices of the X50, Persona and Iriz to include sales and service tax (SST). Following the end of the SST exemption on June 30, 2022, the national carmaker had already revised pricing for its other models – X70, Saga and Exora – but the three models mentioned at the start were left out.

    Starting with the X50, the base Standard now retails at RM86,300 with SST, which is an increase of RM7,100 or 8.96% from the previous price of RM79,200. Next up, the Executive is up RM8,500 or 10.02% to now sell for RM93,300 from RM84,800 previously.

    Crossing the RM100k mark is the Premium, which is now priced at RM101,800, up RM8,600 or 9.23% over the launch price of RM93,200. At the top of the range, the Flagship now sells for RM113,300, up RM10k or 9.68% from the original price tag of RM103,300.

    Moving on to the Persona, the entry-level variant of the sedan, the Standard, now sells for RM47,800, which is RM2,600 or 5.75% higher than before. Meanwhile, the Executive is up by RM3,200 or 6.39% at RM53,300, and the top-spec Premium is up RM3,400 or 6.19% to hit RM58,300.

    Finally, the Iriz range now starts at RM42,800 for the Standard, which is RM2,500 or 6.2% more than the SST-less price of RM40,300. Going up the range, the Executive crosses the RM50k mark to sell at RM50,300, while the SUV-style Active is at RM57,300 – both are up by RM3,200 and RM3,300 respectively.

    The X50, Persona and Iriz were all launched within the tax holiday window, so they never had SST-inclusive prices before. As is the case with all car companies, the end of the SST exemption is not something that they can control, and car prices have gone up as a result. You can check out the SST-inclusive prices of cars from other brands, here.

  • 2022 Nissan SST prices: Almera up by as much as RM4.6k; X-Trail up by up to RM10k; Leaf EV up RM7k

    With the sales and service tax (SST) exemption ended as of June 30, 2022, Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) has updated the pricing for Nissan models sold in Malaysia. As seen with other car companies, prices have gone up across the board after the tax holiday.

    In the case of the Almera, the turbocharged sedan is now up to RM4,578 costlier across its three variants (VL, VLP and VLT). Meanwhile, the X-Trail, which was launched prior to the start of the tax holiday, now starts from RM136,888 for the base 2.0 2WD – RM8,258 more than before.

    The mid-spec 2.0 Mid 2WD is up RM10,245 to hit RM149,888, while the 2.0 Hybrid 2WD now sells for RM159,888 (+RM2,437). It should be noted that the new prices are higher than pre-SST exemption levels – save for the hybrid variant – and it looks like the 2.5 4WD has been dropped.

    Moving on, the Serena S-Hybrid facelift recently made its launch debut with SST-inclusive prices and is available in two variants – Highway Star (RM149,888) and Premium Highway Star (RM162,888). The final passenger car on the list is the all-electric Leaf, which is now RM7,088 more at RM175,888.

    The Navara and NV200 are both classified as commercial vehicles, so they did not receive SST exemptions. The latter pick-up truck starts from RM92,050 for the only single cab variant, with the top-spec double cab 2.5 Pro-4X going for RM148,600. As for the NV200 panel van, it ranges between RM79,888 and RM85,888.

  • 2022 Volkswagen SST prices: Tiguan Allspace up by as much as RM5.5k, Passat up RM7k, Golf R up RM33k

    Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM) has released new prices of its models following the end of the sales and service tax (SST) exemption on June 30, 2022. As with other car companies here, prices of have gone up after the tax holiday.

    Starting with the Tiguan Allspace, the base 1.4 Elegance now retails at RM180,590, which is RM5,244.32 more than before. The range-topping 2.0 R-Line 4Motion has also gone up by RM5,546.41 without the SST exemption at RM226,073.60.

    Next up, the Arteon is only offered in a sole 2.0 R-Line 4Motion variant which is now priced at RM268,012, or RM9,992.70 dearer than before. The Passat range is also up by up RM7,073.12 for the top-spec 2.0 R-Line, with the 2.0 Elegance seeing a smaller increase of RM5,331.85.

    As for the Golf, the regular 1.4 R-Line is still without an official price – the estimated range is between RM155k and RM165k. However, we do have new prices for the performance-focused GTI and R, with the latter now selling for RM3,300.46 more at RM216.012. The Golf R’s price hike is highest in the line-up, now priced at RM391,162, which is RM33,577.15 more than its original launch price of RM357,584.85.

  • 2022 Honda CR-V SST prices in Malaysia – 2.0 2WD up RM7k; VTEC Turbo variants up by as much as RM8.5k

    Honda Malaysia has finally revealed pricing for the Honda CR-V (not the all-new one) with sales and service tax (SST) factored in. Previously, the company released a new price list following the end of SST exemption on June 30, 2022, although that didn’t come with new figures for SUV at the time.

    With the new prices in place, we see that the base 2.0 2WD variant now retails at RM146,900, which is an increase of RM6,987.47 without the exemption in effect. The same goes for the turbocharged variants that come after, with both the 1.5 TC-P 2WD and 1.5 TC-P AWD now up by RM8,184.09 and RM8,489.82 respectively.

    Meanwhile, the CR-V Black Edition, which is based on the 1.5 TC-P 2WD and was released last October, now sells for RM170,400, or RM8,486.01 higher than before. As before, a surcharge of RM400 applies to CR-V units specified with the Platinum White Pearl finish.

    The new CR-V prices were revealed around the time the latest HR-V made its launch debut today, with the latter also seeing a price hike of up to RM5.4k without the SST exemption. If you happen to place a booking for a Honda with the SST-less price, refer to the table to find out how much you are saving when the tax holiday was in effect.

  • 2022 Toyota SST prices: Vios and Yaris by as much as RM3k; Corolla Cross up RM5.4k; Alphard up RM17k

    UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) has updated the pricing for Toyota models sold in Malaysia following the end of the sales and service tax (SST) exemption on June 30, 2022. As with other car companies, prices have gone up, and in the case of Toyota models, by as much as RM17,391.

    The Alphard sees the highest price hike without the SST exemption, now being priced at RM464,000. Meanwhile, the Vellfire is up by RM14,419 to now retail at RM382,300. Models with price increases around the RM10k mark include the Camry as well as the Fortuner, with the top-spec diesel variant of the latter up by RM13,327.

    Pick-up trucks do not qualify for the SST exemption as they are deemed as commercial vehicles, so the Hilux range stays unchanged from the previous price revision made in March this year. Other SUVs have had their prices increased by RM9,293.50 in the case of the Harrier, by as much as RM5,429 for the Corolla Cross, and by up to RM5,155 for the Rush.

    The Innova now starts at RM133,880 for the 2.0G variant, which is RM8,648 more than before, with the higher-spec 2.0X also up by RM8,525. The base 2.0E isn’t listed on Toyota Malaysia’s website, and some models like the GR Supra and GR Yaris have “pricing to be updated” listed on them.

    Popular B- and C-segment models like the Vios, Yaris and Corolla are also costlier without the SST exemption. The Vios and Yaris are now up by up to RM3,007 – as per the April 1 update – while the price hikes are higher for the Corolla, by up to RM7,383 – also revealed at the start of April.

  • 2022 Hyundai SST prices: Santa Fe up RM8k, Kona up to RM4.5k more, Ioniq 5 up RM10.5k; Staria up RM7.9k

    Hyundai-Sime Darby Motor (HSDM) has revised pricing for Hyundai models sold in Malaysia following the end of the sales and service tax (SST) exemption on June 30, 2022. Keep in mind that certain models have yet to receive new prices, and we’ll update this post as and when we get the latest figures.

    As expected, prices have gone up, by as much as RM10,520, or 6.29% if you prefer a percentage. The Elantra in 1.6 Premium guise is now RM10,000 more without the SST exemption, retailing at RM168,888 on-the-road without insurance.

    Moving on to the Santa Fe, the locally-assembled (CKD) SUV previously benefitted from 100% SST exemption. Without it, prices have gone up by RM8,000 for the two, diesel-powered, front-wheel drive variants offered, namely the 2.2D Executive SE (RM196,888) and 2.2D Executive Plus SE (RM215,888).

    The smaller Kona now costs up to RM4,500 more across its four variants, with the range-topping 1.6 TGDI N-Line now selling at RM161,388. The all-electric versions of the crossover see a larger price hike, with the e-Lite and e-Plus (both have 39.2-kWh batteries) now nearly RM7k more, while the e-Max (64-kWh battery) is RM208,348 (+RM8,460).

    Another electric vehicle (EV) in the line-up is the Ioniq 5, which is now up to RM10,520 costlier without the SST exemption. The Max variant (72.6-kWh battery) sees the largest increase, while the Plus and Lite (both have 58-kWh batteries) are up by RM8,520 and RM7,920 respectively.

    For those who are interested in people movers, the 11-seat Grand Starex remains at RM165,888 for the Executive Plus variant as the MPV is deemed as a commercial vehicle and didn’t benefit from the SST exemption. On the other hand, the Staria did benefit during the tax holiday, retailing at RM358,888 before July 1. Now that that’s over, the Staria now costs RM7,880 at RM366,768.

  • 2022 Mazda SST prices: Mazda 3 up to RM5.4k more; CX-5 up RM6.9k, CX-8 up RM9.1k, CX-30 up RM5.4k

    Mazda is next to update its price list following the end of the sales and service tax (SST) exemption on June 30, 2022. As the trend goes, prices have gone up with the removal of the exemption, with the largest increment being RM9,190 in terms of monetary value, or 4.2% if we look at percentage.

    The model with the most substantial price increase is the MX-5 RF, with both the manual and automatic variants costing around RM9.1k more compared to before. Meanwhile, the CX-9 range has been reduced to just the 2.5T 2WD with the Ignite Edition appearance package, which is priced RM8,763 more at RM328,610 on-the-road without insurance.

    As for the Mazda 3, prices have gone up by as much as RM5,380, while the Mazda 2 sees a price hike of RM2,400 for both the sedan and hatchback. Those interested in the Mazda 6 will need to pay just over RM7k more for the 2.5L variants, or RM5,242 for the sole 2.0L option.

    The CX-3 continues to come in a single 2.0 2WD variant, which now costs RM4,530 more with SST exemption at RM131,359. The price increases for the CX-30 vary between RM4,300 to RM5,370 across its five variants, which include two Ignite Edition options.

    Moving on to the popular CX-5, the turbocharged variant of the SUV now sells for RM183,778.50, or RM6,926.40 more than before, with the 2.5 High 2WD seeing the second highest increase in the line-up by RM6,852.50 – others went up by as much as RM6,058.20.

    Lastly, the CX-8 was recently revised a few days before the SST exemption ended, with equipment enhancements across the range that now includes a turbocharged variant. On the former, the previous 2.5 Mid Plus 2WD variant is now known as the 2.5 High 2WD, which has instead been renamed as the 2.5 High Plus 2WD.

    The 2.2D AWD High also lost its all-wheel drive system and is now known as the 2.2D High Plus 2WD. With that in mind, prices have indeed gone up – by as much as RM9,135 – although this is due to a combination of SST returning as well as the revisions made.

    No price changes for the BT-50 as it is classified as a commercial vehicle and didn’t benefit from the SST exemption. The MX-30 launched alongside the CX-8 only came with SST-inclusive pricing for the EV High variant, which sells for RM198,780 – there’s also an EV Mid option but we don’t have a figure for that just yet.

  • 2022 Lexus SST prices: up to RM53k higher; ES up by RM20k; UX up by RM9.8k; LM up RM41k; RX up RM46k

    With the sales and service (SST) tax exemption over, Lexus Malaysia has released a new price list of all the models it currently sells here.

    The variant that sees the highest price increase is the LS 500 Executive with the Kiriko Cut Glass ornamentation trim package, which now retails at RM1.358 million, or RM53,232 more than before. Meanwhile, the LS 500 Luxury is now RM39,371 more at RM1,023,629.

    The other sedan in the model range, the ES, is now up to RM19,977.50 costlier without the SST exemption. Lexus models, which are fully imported (CBU), previously benefitted from a 50% SST reduction during the tax holiday.

    As for SUVs and crossovers, the UX range is now up to RM9,813 more than before. The compact premium crossover originally launched in three variants, but there’s now just two offered (UX 200 Urban and UX 200 Luxury), with the UX 200 F Sport being dropped.

    Moving on, the second-generation NX was launched with SST-inclusive pricing, which is RM370,888 for the NX 250 Luxury and RM389,888 for the NX 350 F Sport. The larger RX is now up to RM45,701 more without the SST exemption, now starting from RM429,888, while the LX is currently without pricing for now.

    The only two-door Lexus model, the LC, is now up to RM47,185 costlier, with the coupe version costing RM1.25 million, while the convertible is RM1.35 million. The LM MPV also sees an increase over just over RM40k, hitting RM1.148 million for the sole four-seat LM 350 variant.

  • 2022 Mercedes-Benz SST prices: up to RM45k more; A Sedan up RM10k; C-Class RM14k; GLC up RM18k

    Following the end of the sales and service tax (SST) exemption yesterday (June 30, 2022), Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has updated the prices of models sold here.

    The GLE Coupe sees the largest price hike with SST coming back in full force, with the sole GLE 53 4Matic+ variant up by RM44,481.45 to now retail at RM856,888. Meanwhile, the recently launched GLC 300 e 4Matic Coupe AMG Line saw the smallest price disparity, increasing by just RM6,305.69 to hit RM398,888.

    Core models like the C-Class also see a price increase without the SST exemption, with the range-topping C 300 AMG Line going up the most (RM14,206.92) to now retail at RM344,888. The same is true of the E-Class range, with the top-spec E 300 AMG Line going for RM397,888, which is RM18,958.03 more than before.

    Entry-level models like the A-Class Sedan and GLA also see increases of over RM10k, with the upward revision for the base A 200 Progressive Line being an exception, as its price was hiked by RM9,429.21.

    For those looking at Mercedes-Benz SUVs, the GLA range has gone up by as much as RM12,723.16 for the non-AMG variants, whereas the locally-assembled GLA 35 4Matic is now RM363,888 as mentioned during the model’s launch earlier this week.

    The seven-seater duo that is the GLB 200 Progressive Line and GLB 250 4Matic AMG Line are now up to RM11,922.39 more than before, with their AMG sibling, the five-seat GLB 35 4Matic being a whole RM13,305.69 costlier. As for the only electric vehicle in the model range, the EQA, it still benefits from EV incentives but with SST, it now sells for RM8,686.75 more at RM286,888.


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