Honda Malaysia sets sales target of 80,000 units for 2023 – to establish 2S service/spare parts centres

Honda Malaysia sets sales target of 80,000 units for 2023 – to establish 2S service/spare parts centres

In January, Honda Malaysia announced that with more than 80,200 vehicles sold in 2022, it had achieved its sales target of 80,000 units for the year. The exact total managed by the company last year was 80,290 units, representing a 11.1% share of the total industry volume (TIV). As reported previously, this was enough to ensure it remained top in the non-national passenger vehicle segment for the ninth consecutive year.

Recapping this at its business plan briefing last Friday, the company said it has again set a sales target of 80,000 units – and improving on its market share to 12.3% – in 2023. It is hoping to achieve this with the introduction of four new models, these being the WR-V, sixth-gen CR-V, FL5 Civic Type R and the City facelift.

The year will also see it increasing the presence of RS variants in its product line-up and continue to push its e:HEV hybrid tech, an approach which the company says is the right one for it to take in terms of electrification at this point.

Aside from this, the company is also set to expand its after-sales activities with the introduction of new 2S (service and spare parts) Pit Stop centres to fulfil the growing demand from current and potential customers. It said it will also be upgrading its HondaTouch platform by making the application more convenient and accessible.

The upcoming year will also see the company increasing the deployment of Honda Connect in the market. According to HM, it is set to expand the presence of the telematics system, which allows Honda owners the ability to access a variety of functions via a dedicated smartphone app, by offering it in more models this year.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, the system, which connects to a vehicle, provides remote access to various functions related to safety, security and convenience as well as the status of the vehicle.

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  • It is going to be a tough year for Honda as Toyota has been very aggressive recently with more compelling offering that could steal Honda’s market share.

    Toyota Malaysia has been sleeping in the cave for a few years and that was when Honda manage to sell more than 100,000 units a year. But things are changing since last year for Toyota..

    For the record, Toyota sold 100,042 vehicles including Toyota Hilux, Hiace and Fortuner..

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    • YB Kinte Kunte on Mar 20, 2023 at 8:07 pm

      If we less out the commercial vehicles,perhaps Honda wins.
      It is neck to neck race now for passenger cars for Honda n Toyota.
      To the car lover,whats important is long term reliability,availability of spare parts n service centres n reasonable maintenance costs ,apart from a competitive pricing n financing package.
      But yours humbly personally prefer Toyota.

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    • kckfen on Mar 21, 2023 at 9:18 am

      Yeah… i see the possibility of 7 seater CRV coming since, Honda no longer have any 7 seater offering.

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