Reborn Honda Prelude will be a four-seat coupe – launch sometime in 2025 for RHD and LHD markets

Reborn Honda Prelude will be a four-seat coupe – launch sometime in 2025 for RHD and LHD markets

According to a report by Australia’s CarsGuide, the production version of the Honda Prelude Concept will be launched sometime in 2025 as a global model for both left- and right-hand drive markets.

“This is a prototype and we are still in development, so as president [Toshihiro] Mibe mentioned, although the exact timing cannot be shared at this time, we’re aiming at making this available to the market sometime in the mid-2020s,” said Honda large project chief engineer Tomoyuki Yamagami, who also led the development of the current, 11th-generation Civic.

“Yes, this is going to be positioned as a global model, so we will have both left-hand drive and right-hand drive,” he added. No powertrain details were provided, but the reborn Prelude is expected to feature a hybrid engine, as revealed by Honda’s United States division following the Prelude Concept’s debut at this year’s Japan Mobility Show.

Reborn Honda Prelude will be a four-seat coupe – launch sometime in 2025 for RHD and LHD markets

If you’re expecting the Prelude to be driver-focused in the same vein as the Civic Type R or Acura Integra, bad news ahead. “This isn’t going to be the sportiest, zippiest car that’s going to be tossed into the circuits, so that’s one thing,” said Yamagami.

“The other one is, this is going to be the ‘prelude’ for all of the electric vehicles that Honda is going to be launching. So that is why, because it’s going to be one of the first such models, we thought the name Prelude just best fits this model. We’re developing this as a four-seater, so you will be seeing a second row with two seats available as well,” he continued.

So, the Prelude will come back as a practical four-seater (2+2) with hybrid power and a coupe body. However, it will likely be more of a grand tourer (possible front-wheel drive) rather than an out and out sports car to take on models like the Toyota GR86, Subaru BRZ and Mazda MX-5. Sounds good to you? Since it will be a global model, perhaps the Prelude will come to Malaysia as well? Fingers crossed.

GALLERY: Honda Prelude Concept at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show

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  • Karam Singh on Nov 11, 2023 at 7:38 pm

    Honda cannot tahan looking at Toyota success with GR Yaris, GR Corolla, GR CHR, GR Corolla Cross, GR Hilux, GT 86 and GR Supra. Now wanting a bigger slice of share with CTR, Integra and Prelude.

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