As an automobile-loving freak even from young age, I always made it a point to catch the show Knight Rider on TV. Knight Rider was the typical crime-fighting series, and surrounds FLAG (Foundation for Law and Government) agent Michael Knight and his car/partner KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand).

Forget about the guy. Let’s talk about the car. KITT was a modified Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. A very sarcastic one at that. I used to love it’s stupid one-liners. The car was fictionally powered by a turbine engine, had a body that was resistant to most weapons and could accelerate to speeds up to 480km/h. The car could even smell, using olfactory sensors mounted on his front bumper. You could say KITT’s most famous feature was the line of red LED lights on the front bumper which lit up from left to right. Alot of people have put such LED lights on their cars. KITT’s total construction cost was about USD 11,400,000 as estimated in 1982.


For Knight Rider fans out there, here’s some good news. Knight Rider is going to be resurrected in big screen format. A Knight Rider movie is in the works and production will start next year. Of course, Michael Knight will be played by someone else and not the original actor David Hasselhoff, but William Daniels, the original voice actor for KITT could make a comeback. Though I wonder if they will still use the old Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. There has been several updates to the Firebird, and here’s one of the newer models shown above.