Chery S12
Chery S12 to enter South American market

After a short pause because of the recent change in ownership over at Chrysler, the talks between Chery and Chrysler on their small car collaboration has resumed.

Two cars are being discussed – one is a Chery model that will be badged as a Chrysler in the US market. CKD kits of the Chery S12 will be shipped to Mexico and South America, and the kit will be assembled there for sale in those markets. The Southern American states share similar fate to South East Asia, we always get the boring stuff.

For other markets where something more premium is needed, Chrysler and Chery intends to produce a production version of the Dodge Hornet concept car in China, both engineered and manufactured at Chery’s research center and plant in Wuhu, Anhui.

Production could begin in 2010.