Audi Q3 Theophilus
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The Audi Q3, a third addition to the Audi Q range of SUVs will begin manufacturing in Spain in 2011. Currently none of the Q range share a plant – the Q7 is built in Slovakia while the Q5 is built in Audi’s homeland of Ingolstadt.

The new compact Audi Q3 has yet to be revealed in production or close to production form yet, but Audi has given us some teasers in the form of the Audi Cross Coupe and Cross Cabriolet concepts last year, with the Cross Coupe being a 4-door SUV with a fastback roofline, and the latter being a 2-door cabriolet with SUV styling and ride height. In fact Audi has said the new Q3 will have a coupe-like roofline, which points to the aforementioned concepts.