Audi Q5 custom concept

Audi has prepared a really tuned up Audi Q5 called the Audi Q5 custom concept, what handy timing for them to showcase this car right after the launch of the Q5 in Malaysia. Lucky owners with deep pockets even after shelling out RM300k or more for the SUV can head on right to shops like Next Level Customz with photos of this new Q5 concept in hand.

But the Audi Q5 custom concept is really more than just a Q5 with an aggressive bodykit. Under the hood is the supercharged 3.0 TFSI V6 from the Audi S4, but tuned up from the standard levels of 333 horses and 440Nm of torque up to 408 PS between 6k to 7k rpm and 500Nm of torque from 3k rpm up to 5.5k rpm.

Audi Q5 custom concept

0 to 100km/h in this body takes only 4.4 seconds. If a future new RS4 is ever going to dump its delicious-sounding V8 for a supercharged V6, expect this kind of power levels. In fact we could actually be looking at a future Q5-S if Audi wants to take it up a notch, but there is no plans for a GLK AMG or X3-M so far. Power is channeled to all wheels via quattro and a quick-shifting 7-speed S-tronic twin clutch transmission.

The aesthetic modifications have also widened the modded Q5’s track by 90mm and ride height lowered by 60mm. Those wheels that look like 7 spokes of steel stained with blood are 21 inches in size.

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