Mercedes-Benz E-Guard

The E-Guard is not your regular W212 E-Class – it’s been beefed up substantially to give extra protection to the occupant inside, but the extra protection are all hidden and cannot be seen by the naked eye. It starts off as a regular E-Class chassis, made to regular series production standards.

Next, protective elements are installed. These are precisely formed to exactly fit the contours of the bodyshell without encroaching on the interior space. The fit must be perfect to provide proper protection. The slightest misfit might cause a bullet to be able to pierce through. There is also optional underbody armour, which will allow the entire underfloor of the passenger area to withstand the explosion of a DM51 hand grenade.

Mercedes-Benz E-Guard

All the extra protection helps the E-Guard conform to VR4 protection class. BMW’s “Security” series of armored cars also conform to this same specification. This means it can withstand handgun bullets of up to .44 Magnum in calibre at random angles of fire and not just via certain angles, to provide the most realistic protection possible. Runflat tyres in 17 inch size are used for additional protection (all BMWs except some M cars have this as standard), ensuring the car can still go at up to 50km and 80km/h speed in case attackers damage the tyres.

Of course all the extra parts makes the E-Guard so much more heavier than a regular E. Brakes, suspension and stability control systems must be adjusted and recalibrated to suit the new weight. The E-Guard uses a special Level II version of the AIRMATIC air suspension system as standard.

Look after the jump for some pretty interesting videos talking about the E-Guard and its assembly process. It also demonstrates with a loaded gun the difference between a normal W212 and the E-Guard in terms of bulletproofness. Enjoy the videos!