Citroen DS3

Citroen has unveiled the new DS3, a hatchback that Citroen wants to give a premium positioning. Think MINI and you’ll understand what I mean. It’s for buyers who have seen past the need for a large car and more metal to offer premium features and a premium image.

The DS line of cars will feature three models and this is the first: the DS3. It measures 3,950mm long, 1,710mm wide and 1,450mm tall. This makes it similiar in size to the new MINI Clubman, though the DS3 is slightly larger in every dimension.

Citroen DS3

Typical of Citroen, the exterior styling details are a little quirky, such as the shark-fin B-pillar. The DS3 is fully customisable in term of trim level, even the colour of the wheels, fabric, gearknob, exterior trim, and even the ‘floating roof’ is customisable – you can have it in either black, white, blue or red, to contrast it with the main body colour.

A choice of 5 engines are available – the 90hp and 110hp HDi diesels with DPFS flitres, and three petrol engines – the VTi 95, VTi 120 and the turbocharged THP 150. Only manuals are available for now, either 5-speed or 6-speed depending on the engine specified.

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