Nissan Sylphy
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The Nissan Sylphy is now available as a new variant called the “Luxury Navi Package” variant which includes an in-dash touchscreen GPS navigation and entertainment system. The system is the TCAT Multimedia Navigator System which boasts some interesting specs.

From doing a little research it appears that the system runs on the SpeedNavi SQ software, which was created by M&Soft, a Hyundai-related company. The touchscreen player uses a 7 inch truecolour touch screen with 800×480 resolution – that’s some pretty impressive resolution so text and graphics should appear quite crisp.

The GPS navigation’s mapping system includes 3D junction view and 2.5D building view for a better idea of exactly which junction you have to take. Maps have 15 zoom levels and are for both Malaysia and Singapore, while language options include English, BM, Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, Japanese and Korean.

Other features include a reverse camera system with night vision compensation (which auto-engages during reverse), and an audio and video player which streams audio to the car’s 6-speaker audio system through an FM transmitter. Video and audio can be loaded through either an SD card or a USB data drive.

The Luxury Navi Package trim level is only a RM1,500 premium (RM120,380.00) over the Luxury package which I feel is quite good value. If you purchase the TCAT Multimedia Navigator system along with the reverse camera and etc on its own the RRP is RM3,500.

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