Malaysia has just seen a rise in petrol prices due to the decrease in subsidies recently. The increase in prices was by RM0.05 for petrol (RON95) and diesel. It would seem that further reduction in subsidies would only see the rise of petrol prices in the coming years or even months.

Thus fuel efficiency is ever more important not to mention the adoption of other fuel sources and one that springs to mind is diesel. Nissan which sells the Murano variant in Malaysia, recently announced the release of a new diesel engine for the SUV in the UK.

It uses a 2.5-litre four-cylinder engine which is capable of producing 187hp and 450Nm of torque at just 2,000rpm.

This produces an average fuel consumption for both city and highway driving of 6.6L/100km along with a CO2 figure of just 210g/km with the help of a revised 6 speed automatic transmission providing Adaptive Shift Control, improved aerodynamics and an electric power regeneration system.

Other improvements on the inside include the change from a chain to a belt drive for the power steering pump, extra engine mounts and extra sound absorbing material to reduce noise intrusion from the diesel engine. Providing more air to the new engine will be a redesigned front end with a new front grille and bumper, also giving it a refreshed look.

The only Murano available in Malaysia at the moment is the 3.5L petrol engine which consumes between 9 to 13 litres for every 100km travelled, 9L being the most fuel efficient it could ever be, a far cry from what diesel motors are able to achieve.

A switch to diesel would make sense for many Malaysian’s as diesel is still RM0.10 cheaper that the cheapest petrol. Many manufacturers already offer diesels here especially for their SUVs – the Santa Fe, Captiva, X3 and X5 are all available as diesels.

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