Audi has added another car to the list of cars they dream of making. First there was the Audi e-tron, now let me introduce you to the e-tron Spyder. This concept is powered by two electric motors producing 85hp at the front axle and a 300hp TDI engine.

Weighing in at 1450 kilograms, the combined torque of the diesel and electric motors are 831Nm, propelling the car to the century mark in just 4.4 seconds. It can go on to reach a top speed of 250km/h.

Its all-electric capabilities aren’t anything to brag about, as it is only able to reach a top speed of 60km/h, for a distance of 50 kilometres. When using the TDI engine you can expect to use 2.2 litres of diesel for every 100 km. Thanks in part to the front mounted 9.1 kWh battery and short wheelbase, weight distribution is 50:50, which is said to give it the drivability of a go-kart.

Improving driving dynamics further, is the use of the company’s lightweight Audi Space Frame construction, along with the use of carbon fibre. This will also be littered with niceties synonymous with Audi such as LED lights, sports bucket seats MMI infotainment system and climate control, to name a few.

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