This is the Ford Evos Concept, a four door four seater fastback concept car that will make its public debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Ford says the Evos Concept is a showcase of Ford’s first truly global design language, which Ford says is an evolution of the existing kinetic design language found on existing global Ford products like the Fiesta and the new Focus.

The Evos Concept has the length of a C-segment car, but with the width of a CD car, so I suppose you could say it’s about as long as a Focus but as wide as a Mondeo. It’s got a 2,740mm wheelbase. I wonder if producing a fastback like this means Ford is interested to bring a car like the Ford Capri back into its line-up.

We’ve heard such rumors in the past. Other manufacturers have done similar things, resulting in cars like the Scirocco. Two years ago, Ford decided to randomly release a press release about the classic Ford Capri, complete with a long history and file photos.

Like all modern concept cars, things just wouldn’t seem to be complete without some kind of alternative fuel powertrain, so Ford has given the Ford Evos Concept a lithium-ion battery plug-in hybrid system, which Ford says is reflective of the system in the upcoming Ford C-MAX Energi, scheduled for introduction in the US in 2012 and Europe in 2013.

The system allows the vehicle’s electric motor and internal combustion engine to work together or separately to maximise efficiency, making this a full fledged hybrid system instead of just having a simple motor assist system.

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