This Toyota Prius C in the flagship “Citrus Orange Mica Metallic” colour scheme was sighted by reader Alex Tan on the LDP highway near Bandar Utama – you can see actually Media Prima‘s building in the background.

With just one Prius C transported on a truck, this is most likely a display car (as opposed to a customer delivery which usually involves multiple cars on a trailer) being shipped to either a showroom or perhaps a shopping mall roadshow.

It looks like a public launch is going to happen very, very soon and UMW Toyota is already teasing the impending arrival of the Prius C as well as a revised version of its larger sibling, the New Prius via its “Rethink The Way You Drive” campaign. As a recap, you refer to our previous stories on the Prius C and the 2012 New Prius for preliminary specs and pricing.