In a striking reprisal of events, a report by Die Welt states that Audi filed a lawsuit against Qoros to stop the young Chinese brand from using the Q initial in naming their cars.

The report says a German district court ruled in Audi’s favour, which explains why the previously-announced Qoros GQ3 is now simply known as the Qoros 3 Sedan.

We wonder therefore if a certain Munich- or Hiroshima-based carmaker will sit up and take notice of that solitary numerical, and hang on, doesn’t Infiniti use that letter of the alphabet too?

Last November, Qoros was granted a preliminary injunction against Kia, to the effect that the latter couldn’t use the Quoris name for its upcoming RWD flagship sedan in the EU.

Are Europe’s concerns about Chinese competition starting to show, or is Qoros merely getting a taste of its own traditional medicine?