Renault Twingo 5

We don’t think we’ve actually mentioned it before, but because the next-gen Renault Twingo will share platforms with the next-gen smart fortwo, it’ll be rear-engined and rear-wheel drive. In a world where almost all little hatches are the complete opposite, you can appreciate why this is pretty interesting, in an almost hipster kind of way.

You recently saw the fortwo/Twingo test mule pair, wearing Toyota iQ-like bodies to confuse. But now we have the real deal – the car photographed here is the five-door Renault Twingo in production form, albeit camouflaged. A three-door version is rumoured to be on hold for now.

Previewed by the Renault Twin’Z and Twin’Run concepts, the third-gen Renault Twingo is said to pay homage to the old Renault 5 supermini in terms of design. Well, it certainly has a very interesting overall shape! We can expect three-cylinder petrol and diesel powertrains to be mostly shared between the fortwo and Twingo. A future electric version is also said to be possible. Watch out for it sometime next year.