Ferrari has issued a safety recall for about 2,600 models globally, over a possible “improper airbag assembly” on the driver’s side. All models affected are 2015-model year vehicles manufactured between December 19, 2014 to April 29, 2015.

Pretty much the entire range is affected, including the 458 Italia, 458 Spider, 458 Speciale/Speciale A, California T, the FF, F12 Berlinetta and even the LaFerrari hypercar. Surprise, surprise, Ferrari’s airbag manufacturer is no other than Takata Corp. At least, it’s said that Takata was the first party to alert Ferrari of this potential defect.

The recall note states that an improper airbag assembly could see it deploying in a “rotated orientation,” which could result in injury or death if met with a collision. This issue differs from Takata’s widespread shooting-shrapnel problem that has caused eight deaths so far. This new defect basically means that in the event of a deployment, the driver’s airbag may not pop up at an angle in which it is supposed to.


The cause, was “a combination of insufficient gluing of the leather skin of the driver’s airbag module cover to the plastic base and improperly rotated orientation of the cushion during the manufacturing process.”

It’s noted that the possibility of such rotated deployment is “extremely limited,” it is disclosed that Ferrari has taken the initiative to issue a stop-sale order and an immediate recall to rectify this defect on all affected models. Ferrari will be contacting potentially-affected owners to get their airbag modules replaced entirely at no cost.