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It would seem we haven’t quite heard the end of Youngman Lotus – an electric version of the L3 sedan has been revealed in China by the automaker, Autohome reports. This following a large period of quiet – the Zhejiang-based outfit started out on a joint-venture deal with Proton, which ended after six years in 2012.

The surfacing of the L3 EV has thus prompted speculation on the status of the company and whether it’s back in the game. The publication doubts so, saying that despite the automaker releasing some details and photos of the car, there’s no concrete indication that it’ll translate into series production. Frankly, it could very well be a case of polishing up old lamps and being rid of them.

According to the report, the L3 EV is equipped with an electric motor offering 87 hp (65kW), though no numbers have been provided with regards to the vehicle’s lithium-ion battery capacity and operating range. Sketchy, indeed.

youngman-lotus l3 ev autohome 2

Exterior-wise, it looks virtually like the standard L3 in its last known configuration, save some minor bits – the rear bumper here is different to that seen on the GT back in 2012. More recently, there was a gold L3 GT seen at Auto China 2014.

The formation of Youngman-Lotus saw the production of Proton’s Gen 2 and Persona as well as Campro engines in China. The line-up included L3 hatch (Gen 2), L3 sedan (Persona), L5 (stretched Gen 2 platform) and T5 (SUV based on Gen 2 platform, not known if ever went on sale).

Proton’s involvement in the Chinese market is now through a partnership with China’s Goldstar Heavy Industrial – the automaker inked a JV agreement with the Lotus Group and Goldstar to further expand the presence of the Lotus brand in the People’s Republic of China in April this year.