Aside from the wacky Toyota Kikai, the Japanese carmaker has also announced that it will be parading the Toyota FCV Plus hydrogen fuel cell concept vehicle at the upcoming 2015 Tokyo Motor Show later this month. Said pod-like concept car measures in at 3,800 mm in length and 1,750 mm in width. It stands at 1,540 mm while a wheelbase of exactly 3,000 mm has been quoted by Toyota.

Looks wise, it appears to have adopted an outlook that, we have to admit, is quite difficult to put into words. Ugly or beautiful, one cannot argue that it is an interesting machine that’s nigh on impossible to ignore. The Toyota FCV Plus concept is styled in such a way that it encourages passer-bys and occupants alike “to appreciate the complex beauty of the mechanical aspects of cars.”

Which should, to a certain extent, explain the massive glasshouse that makes up the great majority of the entire car’s body. On the inside, the driver’s seat has been placed in the middle of the car for “a more instinctive sensory connection with the vehicle” – or something along those lines. Also, the concept completely forgoes a conventional dashboard for a fully-digital head-up display system.


Elsewhere, a small aperture by the driver’s feet further adds to the visual treat on the move while the movement of the upper control arm is also visible through the windshield. As for the technical bits, the Toyota FCV Plus concept is powered by four in-wheel electric motors with the fuel cell stack positioned between the front wheels. The hydrogen storage tank is located aft of the rear seats.

Unfortunately, Toyota has declined to provide performance figures including its operational range. With the concept car parked, an external power source can be hooked up to the Toyota FCV Plus in order for it to produce electricity to power the owner’s home – a novelty adopted by the road-going Toyota Mirai.