mitsubishi lancer evo x final edition 16

If there was any glimmer of hope that Mitsubishi’s long-standing series of Evolution high performance sedans would make a comeback, they have now been quashed after the Japanese carmaker’s chairman and CEO, Osamu Masuko stated that there are no solid plans for such a model in the near future.

Speaking to Autocar UK, Masuko said the company is currently focused on developing its new hybrid SUV line-up, including an all-new ASX. The upcoming model was previewed by the Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV II that was shown in Geneva not too long ago. A new eX Concept will appear in Tokyo soon too.

That certainly is bad news for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (aka Lancer Evo, Lan Evo, or just Evo) nameplate that has been synonymous with the carmaker since the first iteration was introduced way back in 1992. The model finally bid farewell with a limited-number model known as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition for both the Japanese and United States markets.

However, Masuko has not dismissed that the Evo badge will be back, although it may appear on a high performance plug-in hybrid SUV instead. “If we can use EV or PHEV technologies for high-performance cars, we could certainly continue,” said Masuko.

Mitsubishi did build a Pikes Peak racer dubbed the MiEV Evolution II in 2013 so they certainly do know a thing or two about using electrification for performance gains. Word is that the next-generation Mitsubishi ASX will gain an Evo version.

What do you think of this – is it the right way forward for Mitsubishi, or a backward step for the brand?