Happy 100th birthday, BMW! Here’s to another 100 years of competition.

Posted by Mercedes-Benz on Sunday, 6 March 2016

So, as you may know by now, BMW is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, and it plans to do so with a bang. In a matter of hours, the car maker will unveil its grand plans for the next 100 years of its existence, as well as make several other key announcements surrounding its future.

On a lighter note, Mercedes-Benz, arch-rivals of the Bavarian Motor Works and celebrating its 130th anniversary itself this year, has dedicated a video to its prime German rivals just hours before its big do. As you’ll see, the clip starts out as a decent salute to the brand on its 100th birthday, but then gets cheeky very quickly.

We won’t spoil the punch for you, so do watch the video above to find out what happens. And of course, share your opinions about it with us in the comments section below.