While the Tesla Model 3 is the company’s most affordable electric vehicle to date at US$35,000 (RM137,266), it certainly won’t be denied the Ludicrous mode that is offered on its siblings (Model S and Model X).

Elon Musk was recently asked on Twitter by Vignesh Raju if the Model 3 will get a Ludicrous mode, which he called “the best thing ever.” The Tesla CEO’s reply was a simple, “of course.”

No details on how much more a Ludicrous mode-equipped Model 3 will cost compared to a standard one, but both the Model S and X require an additional US$10,000 (RM39,270) for the mode.

Furthermore, no info on how much of an improvement Ludicrous mode will have on the Model 3’s performance. During the launch of the entry-level Tesla, it was reported that the electric vehicle will make the century sprint in under six seconds.

The Model 3 is proving to be a hit with the masses, with over 276,000 orders being notched up a few days after it was introduced. That said, Tesla noted that deliveries of the Model 3 will not begin until end 2017.

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