Here we have new spyshots of the next-generation Rolls-Royce Phantom, showing notable exterior and interior updates. It has also been confirmed that this successor to the Phantom Series II will ride on an all-new aluminium space frame architecture, one which will also underpin the marque’s upcoming SUV and in fact, all future models.

Its proportions and silhouette are very much like the existing Phantom’s; among the most obvious differences are the headlights and taillights. Safe to say, the additional curio of visible quad exhaust pipes and a shark-fin antenna housing can be overlooked as works in progress.

If the traditional Rolls-Royce discretion of design has so far managed to emerge unscathed from technical requirements, then it’s quite unlikely for such items to be carried over to the final production item. Pictured here without hubcaps, it can also be assumed that the self-righting “R-R” logo will take its place at the centre of each wheel.

Peer inside, and there you’ll find perhaps the biggest departure from the Goodwood automotive artisan’s current interior design, on the dashboard at least. Ahead of the driver are what appears to be a pair of large screens, as in the W222 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

To make way for the second screen, the circular air-conditioning vents have been relocated to the middle tier of the dashboard (in line with the steering column). Controls for the air-conditioning, on this test unit at least, appear to be unchanged from the current Phantom Series II.

It remains to be seen whether the next Phantom will retain its 6.75 litre (or six-and-three-quarters, as the good people at Goodwood might say) naturally aspirated V12, or if it will employ turbocharging for its power plant; either way, it looks set to retain 12 cylinders as the newer engine which powers the Ghost, Wraith and Dawn is also thus configured. Along with the arrival of the upcoming Phantom spied here, the Rolls-Royce SUV is expected to follow shortly thereafter.

GALLERY: 2017 Rolls-Royce Phantom spyshots