BMW recently revealed it will race at Le Mans 24 Hours in the LMGTE class from 2018 with the M8 GTE, which is based on the upcoming M8. Even though the 8 Series has yet to make its official debut – still a concept for now – the carmaker’s motorsport division has released a teaser of what the race car could possible look like.

On its official Facebook page, BMW Motorsport uploaded this image along with the caption: “The 2017 FIA WEC is in full swing, but we are already gearing up for next season. Here’s an appetiser for our all-new BMW M8 GTE. More to come soon… BMW M.”

There isn’t a whole lot of details to be gained from this photo, but we do get to see the M8 GTE’s low and sleek silhouette and aggressive rear haunches. The Concept 8 Series’s prominent Air Breather vents are also on show here, along with the long hood and short rear deck. A large rear wing completes the M8 GTE’s profile.

The 8 Series, when launched, will be Munich’s flagship luxury coupe, and revives an iconic nameplate that has sat dormant ever since the original E31 last rolled off the production line in 1999. As mentioned at the start, the 8 Series range will also include a high-performance M8 model as well.

GALLERY: BMW M8 prototype

GALLERY: BMW Concept 8 Series