After a slow month in February, vehicle sales in the country climbed in March. The 49,985 vehicles that were registered during the month represented an increase of of 9,407 units, or 23.2%, over that managed in February. The stronger performance was largely due to March being a longer working month and also from companies rushing to deliver cars, specifically those that ended their financial year on March 31.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how most brands performed in March. All but one of the top 10 registered an increase in sales, with Perodua (+21.0%), Honda (+29.3%), Toyota (+30.2%), Proton (+9.0%) and Nissan (+53.6%) remaining firmly placed in the top five.

Other strong performers in March were Mitsubishi (+38.0%), Volkswagen (+55.0%), Subaru (+30.4%), Peugeot (+30.4%) and Renault (+73.5%). Only a few brands saw a dip in sales then, with Kia (-7.5%) being one of those which had a softer month.

Another was premium segment market leader Mercedes-Benz (-20.3%), and Porsche (-24.4%) also had a slower month. Others in the segment fared better, BMW registering a +6.1% increase in sales, while Volvo managed a +53.2% climb over that managed in February. Lexus, meanwhile, showed a +92.9% increase, effectively nearly doubling its sales from February.

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