Good news for owners of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Plus Malaysia announced last week that electric charging facilities are now available at the Ayer Keroh overhead restaurant R&R, south-bound on the North South Highway. The charger, which can be used for free, is located at the car park area near Baskin Robbins. It has been there since March for trials, but is now available for public use.

The ChargEV facility is the first solar-powered EV charging station in Malaysia, which means the juice is 100% from renewable energy. The charger sits in the middle of two parking bays – one side is equipped with a 22 kW AC Type 2 charging socket, and the other with a 50 kW DC Chademo charing nozzle.

This is welcome news, but please be considerate and have proper etiquette when using the shared facility – yes, you’re not the only person needing to juice up. Non EV/PHEV drivers should refrain from parking in the charging bays or blocking the area.