Nissan has revealed that it plans to pull the plug on development of diesel engines, choosing instead to devote management resources to electric vehicles. According to the Nikkei, the decision comes after Nissan said “further decline in the diesel engine market is inevitable.”

Moreover, authorities in Britain, France, Hamburg, China and other countries are either restricting sales of diesel-powered cars or banning it altogether, with hopes of meeting tightening environmental regulations.

Production of Nissan’s own diesel engines is expected to end by 2020, depending on demand.

For major markets, Nissan has stopped sales of passenger cars with diesel engines, including Japan and the United States. In the early 2020s, European sales will stop as existing models currently offered with diesels will be switched over to new models with either petrol or petrol-electric options.

After that, it will continue selling diesel-powered commercial vehicles such as vans, but the engines will be outsourced. Nissan’s French partner Renault – well known for its oil burners – also plans to end its development of new diesel engines.

Is the time of diesel technology coming to an end? Maybe, maybe not, but with Nissan being the latest in line to drop the oil burning tech, it sure is showing signs of waning. Meanwhile, other car companies such as Volvo will completely discontinue making diesel cars soon too. So, what do you think of this development?