Inspired by the classic McLaren F1 GT, tuners Lanzante Motorsport are set to reveal its newest creation, the P1 GT Longtail, at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. The P1 GT was reportedly commissioned by a wealthy customer from the Middle East, with the company willing to make more units should there be demand.

Details about the modified P1 are rare for now but the teaser image does show a significant amount of work done to the car’s body. A longer nose, vented fenders, more prominent hood scoop and an elongated rear with a huge wing are just some of the obvious cues.

Under the bonnet, expect a lot more power from the 3.8 litre biturbo V8 hybrid powertrain, which makes 913 PS and 900 Nm of torque in its stock form. Given the company’s previous projects being a road-legal conversion of the P1 GTR and building the P1 LM with 986 hp (oh, and securing McLaren’s only win at Le Mans in 1995 with the F1 GTR), the P1 GT should be something spectacular too.