In earlier phases of the movement control order (MCO), there was no reason to be moving around after the shops were closed, and the usage of private vehicles after 10pm could land one into trouble with the police, unless he/she is an essential services worker.

But now that we’re in the conditional movement control order (CMCO), and most businesses have been allowed to reopen, most police roadblocks have been removed and that rule no longer applies.

This was confirmed by senior minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob in his daily non-health Covid-19 briefing today. “In terms of movement, district to district movement is already allowed, so there is no limit in terms of the time to travel,” he said, reminding however that interstate travel is still not allowed under CMCO.

As previously reported, the 10 km radius rule and one-person-per-car rule (later relaxed to become two per car) employed to limited movement in the MCO have also been superseded. Covid-19 hasn’t been fully eradicated yet, but the government will now use the enhanced MCO (EMCO) lockdown on high-risk areas.